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6 eGFR Equations (beta)


Working Full Time


1998 Andrew Lundin, M.D. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.


I have been full time in school or working for 31 of my 32 years of ESRD therapy. The first 6 months I was learning how to dialyze myself and had to wait until the next semester. The first 6 months of my transplant I took to recover. Now that I am in my 50s I admit it is getting a bit harder to work a full day. Fortunately much of my work is teaching and writing. Seeing patients in clinic is the hardest part of my week physically but the fun makes up for it. If I can take a short nap (power sleep) in the afternoon, after lunch, the day is easier to get through. I have given up working on Sundays and cut down to a half day on Saturdays. I do feel guilty and the work piles up but I am getting used to living with the guilt.


Peter Lundin, M.D.
August 14, 1998

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